Aquarius Full Moon & Saturn Direct: July 30- August 1st


Here’s what you need to know about this Full Moon & Saturn Direct:

by the power of Saturn and Uranus!
errrrrr… lol! sorry sorry!!

I mean ahhh…

Bright Light + Chances + Choices = Consequences.

The future is NOW.


Our Full Moon falls on Friday the 31st, early morning.
You can already count it as active.

You won’t be able to help seeing what you are actually doing.


Saturn is about to go direct again, to finish a final obsession,
rewards and punishments both modest and severe,
but no less valuable for those qualities. It’s a countdown to September 20th.

Look back two and a half years. Have you accomplished your goals?
It’s the beginning of the END.
Which, naturally, is the preamble of the next beginning.

The numbing desperation, the compulsions, trainwrecks, and ultimatums that drove you to make the changes you have endured, and necessitated, the glorious and inglorious realities you have wrenched into being, over the last two and a half years, process of transforming your reality in the area of your life where Scorpio has hit your chart, will soon be ending.

The experience of disembowelment, of eviscerating yourself in service to the highest cause you can find, while pledging allegiance to your own survival, will become a thing of the past.

These experiences will be with you, not as they are now, actively, verbs, excavating, but instead as nouns. Results. Consequence. History.

You will own it now. Yours.
By the end of September, you will discover, if you don’t already know,
how well and how fully you solved your problem.


It will be time to learn something NEW.
On September 20th, Saturn moves to Sagittarius once more, and in earnest.


For more on Saturn in Sagittarius click



So what about this Aquarius Full Moon?

The Sun in Leo and a revelation upon us?
That’s it! That’s just it. Bright lights at 7 Aqua/Leo.

Aquarius brings the water of enlightenment.

Awake Aware Electric

Saturn wakes up on the 1st of August and over the next month and a half, finishes the job.


See what you’ve done.
See what god(s) hath wrought.
so to speak

Grand Water Trine for the Full Moon: Chiron/Saturn/Mars
With Uranus in Aries kickstarting Mars to activate.
That sounds like a surprise shove in an inevitable direction.

Looking back to February 18th… are there results related to that time?
You bet there are!

My best advise is given by Pablo Neruda here:

How Much Happens in a Day

In the course of a day we shall meet one another.

But, in one day, things spring to life –
they sell grapes in the street,
tomatoes change their skin,
the young girl you wanted
never came back to the office.

They changed the postman suddenly.
The letters now are not the same.
A few golden leaves and it’s different;
this tree is now well off.

Who would have said that the earth
with its ancient skin would change so much?
It has more volcanoes than yesterday,
the sky has brand-new clouds,
the rivers are flowing differently.
Besides, so much has come into being!
I have inaugurated hundreds
of highways and buildings,
delicate, clean bridges
like ships or violins.

And so, when I greet you
and kiss your flowering mouth,
our kisses are other kisses,
our mouths are other mouths.

Joy, my love, joy in all things,
in what falls and what flourishes.

Joy in today and yesterday,
the day before and tomorrow.

Joy in bread and stone,
joy in fire and rain.

In what changes, is born, grows,
consumes itself, and becomes a kiss again.

Joy in the air we have,
and in what we have of earth.

When our life dries up,
only the roots remain to us,
and the wind is cold like hate.

Then let us change our skin,
our nails, our blood, our gazing;
and you kiss me and I go out
to sell light on the roads.

Joy in the night and the day,
and the four stations of the soul.

– Pablo Neruda ~

Love YOU!!!


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7 Responses to Aquarius Full Moon & Saturn Direct: July 30- August 1st

  1. Tam says:

    Hey babe take a walk on the wild side 🙂

    Aquarius the water bearer image reminds me of going hiking on the Appalachian Trail in 2007 with my Aquarius friend. It was a really dry Fall and we had to hike out from camp to a store to buy water and then carry it back in. Not an easy job but you become very aware of how important water is and what a heavy burden to bear.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam!!!

      Sorry I’m so slow! I moved house again, and it’s been one crazy thing after another. Yes, to the Water as a heavy burden. It makes me think of the isolation and loneliness that so often accompanies visionary or revolutionary energy. xoxox

  2. jgirl says:

    yesterday I had to put my foot down with the person I love, and tell him his behavior wasn’t working for me. the time for commitment, is now. I know that you get in life what you believe you deserve though, and you get from others what you allow. I wasn’t cruel, or unkind, but very matter of fact with him. its about what I deserve, what I want, and how much I value myself (full moon on my antivertex in my 2H and Saturn stationing direct). I hope he gives everything good thought, and that he comes around, but if he doesn’t, I know that I did everything I could, and that by standing by and tolerating his behavior, just waiting for him to suddenly decide to change his actions, wasn’t going to happen.
    I hope that the venus rx, and the venus/Jupiter conjunctions bring us an opportunity to renew our relationship. this has been a rebuilding, and I’ve needed to tear down old behavior patterns.
    I dreamt long ago of us meeting at a church and getting married, after a period of separation, and there were leaves falling around us. I have precognitive dreams frequently, so I’ve always cherished this dream. every autumn since I’ve had it, I’ve hoped it was the year for it to finally come true. so I do think its interesting that the final venus/Jupiter conjunction is in October. it will be on the cusp of my 9H too. dreams? I hope so. Jupiter is also my chart ruler and the sun will be conjunct my natal Jupiter on October 24th/25th, the day of the Jupiter/venus conj. mercury, my 7H ruler, will be conj my Saturn exact, too, and Uranus will be conj my IC exact.
    I still follow your blog and love seeing new posts. thanks for everything you do.

    • jgirl says:

      gosh and I also just noticed that Saturn at 3 sag will be conj my Uranus, opposing my venus (and his sun). and the NN at 0 libra. relationships, baby… <3

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jgirl,

      You are so welcome. 🙂 Thanks for writing!! I hope things turn out the best possible way in your love situation. Good Job being brave and clear and saying what you need. Much Love. xoxo

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