Aquarius Full Moon August 17-18, 2016





In The Full Moon Zone!
Wake up Wake up!

After yesterdays meandering post, which conveyed, what? Stress maybe?

Today’s Aquarius Moon brings clarity.

It will be Full at 25 degrees tomorrow night.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, always removes.
Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, structures.

Release and Awaken.
Let go of how things were supposed to be.


You are a free individual in free world.

Whatever ways reality is keeping you prisoner, let go of the struggle against those circumstances.
Those difficult realities don’t need your support to stay in place.
They do just fine without you.
Let them go!

Sure, you might say ~ they are NOT going anywhere! That’s the problem. ~
What I am talking about is more subtle than that, release yourself from the fight.

Take back all your energy into yourself and USE IT!

Embrace the solutions that take you forward.


Here is the strategy for August and September:

Virgo the details,
+ The strength of Sag. Mars/Saturn is ours to use.

Military grade planing. Tactics.
Use your time to achieve your goals.
Dig in, don’t withdraw.

Show up for your life!
You can’t do this without you!

Remember that noodle video I posted yesterday?

That really is the full message of how you handle your Full Moon clarity.
Take the message you receive, (you totally will get one,) take that and use it as the raw material that you are going to bring through a series of steps that transform it from a mass of undifferentiated matter with potential, into something definite, refined, and specific.

Feel your feelings, and let them go, if you find a tool, use it.

You are made of light!

There will be choices, stages, obstacles, keep faith in yourself, your genius, your story line, your heroism, keep moving, keep your goals in mind.

Listen Up:

I Love YOU!!!!!


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