Aqua Magic/ Zach Condon’s Neptune Transit

This is by Man Ray of course. ALWAYS LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He’s a Virgo.
I completely would have thought Aquarius based on his art.
But the perfectionist suits him, as he clearly was one. And

He does have JUPITER in Aqua! So! All is revealed!

I do want to go around asking all the Aquas “What have you been up to?”
Is it all a dream?

One of my all time fave Aqua’s is Zach Condon.


By next Thursday, Neptune will have forward motion, and I am thinking of all the Aquarians out there wrapping up their Neptune transit between now and February, when it finally scoots over to Pisces. (Much happier there! Methinks)

So ZACH: Sun and Jupiter in Aqua, Venus and Merc in Pisces…

Clearly he is used to the energy. I think when Neptune goes into Pisces, he is going to be off the charts!
Seriously, in February, when the hazy sparkle clears his Sun,
and moves to his Venus/Merc?

And BONUS! He has an Aries Moon! Massive boost from the ruler of his Sun With Uranus there. PLUS his North Node in Taurus catching all the Jupiter magic and tossing it down to his Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius.

What a year for this man! 2012. Bring it!
Obviously he has played life brilliantly thus far, becoming SO successful as a musical phenom… Beirut gets more google hits as a band than the capital of Lebanon!

What now? Lets look at an old interview where he talks about trumpets and french horns.

It’s kind of a Neptuney weekend, and it is finishing up it’s retro action in Aquarius and thus bringing things to light, Neptune in Aqua Style, are those ideas deluded or brilliant? Some of both? Mai Oui, Bien Sur!

And this is a more recent interview where he explains how he got started, and where he is at now. Does this not sound EXACTLY like a man coming out of a Neptune Transit??

Aquarians, you know who you are, Pisces too, And all the rest of us with Aqua in our chart somewhere, Get ready for next Thursday’s Neptune advance.

I tend to find Aquarians hott. Zach’s a little young for me…
and I heard he got married! but as a rule they hit my Leo just right, and I am Urainian enough to swoon at unconventional brilliance.

He has a new album.

Lets listen!

Love YOU!!!


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