April 8, 2014 Leo Moon



I always love that Leo rules the heart and the back.
Your core, the center, the Sun.
Stand up proud Lions,
hold your center erect, and radiate.

If life is an art, how best to live it?
Passion can’t be faked, although skills too come in handy.
It is that respect for ourselves that leads to brilliance.
You’ve got to feel dazzling in order to shine.

Leo Moon wants recognition, our feelings must be seen.
an emotional performance?
the joy of existence?
the joy of even the sorrow of existence?

This song tears the soul right out of my chest.
Why is it we always feel with our heart, or chest?
It never happens that my soul is about to be torn from my leg!

Plenty going on that we can’t see, oh but we will, soon enough…
and whatev it is that we ourselves are doing… isn’t that just what someone else is about to learn?

The event horizon is thick with happenings.
A web, an obstacle course, not just of feelings but of circumstance.
What happens?

Love YOU!!!


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