April 5, 2013, Venus/Mars in Aries, looking ahead to Pluto Retro


Venus and Mars Meet in Aries, Squared by Pluto in Capricorn
All in the sway of the the Aqua Moon
No escape from power dynamics, but pleasure is still on offer.

Please yourself and you won’t go too far wrong,
if that bothers someone else, you just may not care overly…

It’s a good day to try something new,
get together with an unusual crew,
or go off on your own for the thrill of it!
Venus is spunky in Aries,
no shortage of enthusiasm and she makes a willing mate for Mars,
who does in fact know what he is going to do.

hahaha! great clip!

Saturday/Sunday we have the Moon in Pisces to compliment the rest of the sky…
I like this set up, it’s like an absurdist old time comedy farce from the 30’s
Dreamy, direct and somehow meaningful, with some of the info certainly withheld or missing,
…and it is just that note of mystery that sets the story line in motion.

As a matter of Fact, Fred was a Taurus, with Venus and Mercury in Aries.
Sag. Asc, Leo Mars, he was direct, yes? Maybe… he had Moon, Pluto, Neptune in Gemini.
Jupiter in Scorpio. Spice!

Ginger was a Crab. Sun tightly Conjunct Neptune. Moon in Pisces. Mars in Taurus.
First house Pluto, Jupiter in Scorp. Dreamy and determined, Her Mercury was in Leo,
North Node and Saturn in Taurus too. Gemini Asc. Virgo Venus.
You can see how they fit.


The Pluto Station vibing in the background like an airplane getting ready to…
what? Streak backward down the runway and crash into the control tower?
God I hope not!
Pluto goes Retro the 12th of April.

Sometimes I think the best way to think about Pluto is just to say the word Power
where you would have said Pluto. Try it.

Power dynamics will be unraveled so they can be addressed.
Uranus square Pluto does want to change the status quo.
We may have to go backward and undo what has been done,
or assumed, before we move completely ahead into new alignments of power.

It will be September 20th before Pluto is direct again,
and we can watch the dominoes fall then, Big Time.

There will be plenty of reshuffling and dynamism as we go though.
Saturn tries to hash out with Pluto what the new rules are,
(Saturn goes direct July 7th)
while Uranus threatens to tip over the sand table,
if people just continue to play the same old games.

There will be progress, I do believe.

Jupiter in Gem. still covering that Venus transit the Sun ground…
What are you learning about how you love?
Who’s on your mind?
Are you free, circling back? Moving on for reals now?

Love YOU!!!



Yesterday some pretty epic Outer Planet Task Force action, right here on earth.
If you check my facebook you’ve already seen this but for everyone else….
Topless Jihad Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Cap. Saturn in Scorpio. It’s all here. Even Jupiter in Gemini for the words written on their bodies!

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