April 4, 2013


Aquarius Moon. Things lighten up a little.
Sometimes the distance helps us feel closer.

Saturn squares the Moon,
that’s kind of a judgmental vibe,
often people judge their own feelings without even being aware of it.

As if there was a way you are supposed to feel!
As if there could be!

We feel. Period. That’s what’s good about it all.

Yeah, what you do after that matters, but don’t get down on your feelings,
(or someone else’s)
they have all kinds of great info imbedded in there!
Without them how would we ever figure it out?

WHAT?! Figure what, what out?

Oh you know…..

Both Uranus and Saturn rule Aqua,
See if you can detach (Aqua) and observe your own patterning (Saturn)
especially where it is compulsive (Scorpio)
Use the insight (Pisces) to help you start something new. (Aries)


Keep taking care of biz,
and see if you can put yourself in the way of FUN Friday/Saturday.

Lakme is such an old fav,

This is not the Aria that everyone thinks of with Lakme,
but something more sober and little richer.

Just right for today.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to April 4, 2013

  1. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Here’s a thought I had on Monday and wrote down to remind myself: ‘A feeling is not the world, it’s just a feeling’. You might laugh but this is what it is like for a Pisces Moon cj Jupiter and I’ve spent my life in that place! You get so lost in feeling and you believe it is the world, so pray heaven it isn’t a bad one! I’m starting to gain some perspective and what you say here is so important, just watch them, learn and let them go. I’m not sure if I’d like to be a Aquarius Moon…it’s really tempting..because I certainly enjoy the transit and the lightening it brings.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi Sophiepiscesmoon,
    that sure is something to keep in mind. I work on it myself, not allowing feelings to boss me around! Who is running this joint?! Pisces Moon is a good one for keeping track of changes, because if there is one thing you know, things will change. <3

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