April 3, 2013, bit of an April Astro-Overview


Speeding toward that Aries Venus/Mars conjunction on Saturday!
I’m Happy!
If you want something or someone it’s time to club them over the head,
and drag them back to your lair.

Wait, NO.

It’s time to offer them a ride in your hot-rod.
Yeah you do have a hot-rod, we allllll have a hot-rod!
(sexyduckface not included)

Go for a fresh alignment of Goals and Values,

Still a good day to work.
Still a good day to dance and exercise.
Sex still recommended.

Get your Capricorn Moon on, be a professional!

April is a busy month, no question.

New Moon on the 10th

Pluto goes Retrograde (I know!) on the 12th
the renegotiations are deep!
Pluto will square Uranus in May!
A new way. We can’t live without it!

Plenty of action as the Sun moves into Taurus mid-April,
and the inner planets party it up with the outer.
Merc/Uranus (nice) Venus/Saturn (sobering)
Merc/Pluto (rethinking it/penetrating depth) annnnnd

Kind of an EPIC Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th
This Eclipse is Saturn Rich.
It hearkens back to November 13ish,
remember what was going down back then…
this deals with the same material,
and casts it in a light of permanence.
Saturn is not bad, but rather Serious.
The intimation is results…

will you like it?

Depends on your chart and your behavior,
we can say, that final, and in some cases sudden, decisions of some consequence
are in the works.
If you are old (like me) think back to 1994…
that territory, yeah for real, 1993/1994 was the beginning of a cycle…
wayyy back. Release, or Promise Anew.

That’s Right, Eclipse Season is here!

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9th… I like the look of that one actually.

But I’m getting too far ahead…

Love YOU!!!


p.s. LEMMY!!!

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2 Responses to April 3, 2013, bit of an April Astro-Overview

  1. connelly567 says:

    I lost my job around November 13th and quite unexpectedly although the powers to be had to be engineering this for months without our knowledge. I was hoping this eclipse would give them a taste of their own medicine but I guess this affects me personally as opposed to other people. As for the 93/94 end of a cycle; I got divorced but thats’ not on my to do list this time. This eclipse falls in my 12th house Scorpio. I hope some nasty secrets come to the forefront. That would be great payback..its’ a bitch.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi connelly567,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your job! I hope that change is the start of something that is so much better for you in the long term. Sounds like these Scorpio Eclipses are a wind blowing you into the future. If nothing else scorp. is great at letting go…. Well, when they are good and ready anyway. LOL. I think the energy is good for the release of old patterning, clearing out any dead leaves and branches, so to speak. I like the look of the Taurus Solar Eclipse, (May 9th) and a new start right around then… Thanks for Writing! xox

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