April 29, 2015


Virgo Moon, Taurus Sun, Mars and Mercury.
Understand it with your body.

Venus in Gemini receives squares from both Chiron and the Moon.
Don’t let that finger get infected,

I was going to write ~clean mind, clean life~

But but Virgo’s and Gems are frequently ingeniously, beautifully, filthy minded,
plus that’s not what I meant anyway.

Edit, Pull weeds… but only if there ARE weeds.

Prioritize inclusivity, what you want here is a feeling for nuance,
an accurate image of the whole.

There is no need to stay simple, or to say everything you know.

Plenty of complex Depth and Content.
Handle heavy constructs with a light hand.

Under-do it, just enough is plenty
It’s the puzzle pieces that don’t fit, that lead you to your solutions.

Easily distracted by the undercurrent? Undertow?

Embrace the quirk.

Love YOU!!!


~Consciousness, unprovable by scientific standards, is forever, then, the impossible phantom in the predictable biologic machine, and your every thought a genuine supernatural event. Your every thought is a ghost, dancing. – Alan Moore ~


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