April 29, 2013


Capricorn Moon, today.

Complex week, with lots of rules to follow.

In the main, mind your own biz!

You know Cap. Moon’s all about WORK.

No calling it quits! No giving up!
you can’t let negativity or sadness get to you…
well you can…. but it won’t help.


Tap in to that content Taurus energy.
Do that thing, of absolutely ignoring what you can’t change
and enjoying yourself anyway.

Fact is, it’s allll about to change no matter what…

Power Plays Taurus and Scorpio style
Primal and Inevitable
Sex and Money
Love and Death,

Things are changing at a deep level,
I keep saying that, ’cause it’s true.

We are working this one from the inside out,
literally turning ourselves inside out to get where we are going.
We are interested in satisfying the deepest possible needs, and all else be damned…
as you can imagine,
it’s going to lead us to some unexpected crossroads

What happens when Venus hits those transit spots in Gemini?
Keep your eye on the ball in May,
May is HUGE
it’s not all over in a day…


Saturn = TIME
We are Mid-Eclipse: two more to go!
May 9th Kittens, for the WIN!
May 25, Destiny Calling!

This Week:
Saturn is Active!!
Moving back, to exact it’s Opposition with Mars and to Trine Neptune more precisely.
Careful with that Ax!

Venus on the south node

I had that guitar paradise album when I was… what ? 19? 21?
I just remember I listened to it all the time…
Tres Taurus!
It kept coming back to me, so I had to find it!
Sometimes the Stars play me just like a toy piano.

It would be embarrassing if it didn’t seem so ridic.

Retro Saturn/Neptune/Retro Pluto/Venus/North Node gives us time travel
(in your mind or in real time?) with old lovers…
a sense of the past swirling right up at you,
trying to enact the meaning of destiny,
when it’s all biz,

work work work

that daydream comes along and hooks you and you are temporarily gone…

Whip back around to face the day:
constraints obligations rules.

what year are we in?

We are undoubtedly in the now
and it’s the same damn day it always is:

Try for some past/present mental/emotional integration,

it’s a situation…

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to April 29, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    Amen to this post! May is going to be a dozy, I can’t help but think it will be in a good way.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!
    I think so too. I get a good feeling, but I do think there will be some screwball comedy moments, and over the top antics and desires, pain does make an appearance, but there is something about these stelliums, I really like the way they work things through and force a thought or an issue. I feel like they have enough weight to cause substantive changes. It’s big! xo

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