April 27, 2015


Scorpio Full Moon in the works! It’s days away…
Not until May third,
but I can feel it, umm errr… closing in.

Mercury conjunct Sedna in Taurus, Mars close enough to count.
I don’t usually report on trans-neptunian objects, but you can feel this one!
Boundaries will be both blurry and sharply enforced,
knives cut in both directions.
Cut someone today and you will find yourself wounded.

A complex web,
What you learn is likely to cause more than one sort of internal reaction.

Relations are rich with maneuvers and intrigue.

You can’t fake it either
Acting is out of the question.

Go easy.

A different face shows at a different time,
Thanks Venus in Gemini, square Chiron in Pisces!
or depending on who is listening.
Dude. Whatev!

There is some wealth to open up to here.
Complexity serves up a kind of richness.

Do you want pie with that?

Love YOU!!!!


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