April 27, 2013


Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon.

I’m always watching Chinese Movies and listening to Gypsy music,
It’s a Jupiter/Sagittarius signature,
that gives you an appetite for what is beyond your nativity…
To expand your original boundaries.
Actually that’s a total lie, I’m always listening to every kind of music,
and watching whatev catches my eye, and
Every Single Song That Plays, I say “that’s my favorite song!”
It’s ridic!

I spent nearly an hour searching for a half remembered Cumbia,
and had to give up! OH God WHAT was it called?!?!
That’s the flipside #geminiproblems
too funny!

I found this, which I hadn’t heard in years and years.

Not even kind of a Cumbia, but just a total classic, non?
It’s a good day to lighten up a bit.
Try Something New
and if you can’t find what you are looking for…

Dance with me?

Love YOU!!!


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