April 26, 2016


Hungry for goodness, as if you can never get enough
as if the sweetness falling from their lips can be a balm for your heart.

You will live your life, according to your own lights only.
Even if the glow of others reminds you to be the lighthouse firefly you are.
Is it possible to learn something, asks Gemini/Sagittarius
Is it possible, not simply to realize it, but actually build sequentially on your store of knowledge?
Is wisdom possible?

Saturn in Sagittarius calling

The required patience feels killing, is it actually strength training?
Is it? Can we grow slow ?

Sagittarius Moon today. Still seeking deeper meaning, higher levels,
Solutions to our Mercury/Mars/Saturn Problems.
Honestly Venus too (thanks Taurus!)

The issues are:
Timing! Finance! Paperwork! Ethics! Health! and Cash!
Can I get a witness?!

In hyper contrast to our circuitous route, chronological time is moving so fast!
Let me tell you again now, that the second half is better than the first.

Frustrating for the Archer, but this is a non-linear situation.
Taurus Mercury sextiles Pisces Chiron and prepares to go back.

The solutions arrive as puzzles,

Unwrap a truth to reveal a sacrifice,
Unwrap a sacrifice to reveal a gift,
Unwrap a gift to reveal an enigma,
Unwrap an enigma to reveal a desire,
Unwrap a desire to reveal a truth,

We are taking the long road.



Did you know your hands could catch that dark hour
like a ball, throw it away into long grass
and when you looked again at your palm, there
was your life-line, shining?

Or when death came,
with its vicious, biting bark, at a babe,
your whole body was brave;
or came with its boiling burns,
your arms reached out, love’s gesture.

Did you know
when cancer draped its shroud on your back,
you’d make it a flag;
or ignorance smashed its stones through glass,
light, you’d see, in shards;
paralysed, walk; traumatised, talk?

Did you know
at the edge of your ordinary, human days
the gold of legend blazed,
where you kneeled by a wounded man,
or healed a woman?

Know –
your hand is a star.
Your blood is famous in your heart.

– Carol Ann Duffy ~

Love YOU!!!!



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