April 26, 2013 /Taurus and Scorpio, Post Eclipse


At this moment the Moon in Scorpio Conjuncts the North Node exactly.
(It will wind up in Sagittarius by the weekend, and give us a breather.)

I feel as though I’m taking a tremendous hit,
and I don’t even know what I’ve lost yet.
As though a hurricane flattened my town in the night,
I’ll walk out the door to find that it’s gone, all of it gone,
I’ll wander through rubble and and smoking debris…

Is that right? Did something happen?

What is it, that is taken from us, so that we can breathe new life into our work?
That’s the process.
That accomplishment takes work is what Saturn and Pluto agree on:
Pure dedication that translates into power.

Taurus is the face of love and money.
Respect for your own intrinsic value.
The wholeness inherent in physical manifestation.
Wholeness that Scorpio the Conjurer, translates into power unseen.

Pluto is power, death and resurrection.
There is no life on earth that doesn’t dance to this tune.


It is those wordless machinations, that bring us in contact with reality,
That cause our lives to pivot, hinged on the intangibles.
A glance, a breath, a vista, briefly and completely,
a shadow embedded in our consciousness, suddenly uncast.



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