April 25, 2014


We are all up in it now.
Let the alliances you have made carry you forward.
A crisis point?
Sure thing.

Just as foretold by the elders…

Keep handling things. Don’t give up.


Give yourself a moment where you give up completely

Let go of each and every thing.
Let them slide to the ground,
walk away or stomp on them if necessary.

When your breathing normalizes, you can pick them back up.

Need a shortcut to feeling better?
Help someone else. BAM.

We are in the dark of the Moon now, but,
we WILL, WE WILL WE WILL WE WILL have a New Moon Eclipse.
Yes we will.

In Taurus, ruled by Venus in Pisces.
Will it fix everything?
Not by a long shot.

But it will help. Absolutely YES.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to April 25, 2014

  1. Sibyl K. says:

    Omie this has been truly a crrrazzzy friggin time – you’ve been pulling me through it with your worded wisdoms and super-meaningful internet procurements that amount to nothing less than sacred sorcery. Thank you so much – so grateful for this remarkable help.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sibyl K,

      Thanks for writing!!! You are so welcome! What lovely things to say!!! I hope that things begin to pull themselves together in your world, now that we have had our second eclipse! Sending love! xox

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