April 24, 2015


Taurus Sun, Sentimental Crab Moon today,
traditional conservative duo, even so, our Moon is motivated.

Merc/Mars sextiles…

Crab is a Cardinal sign, reflective, yes, but she does take action…

just past yesterday’s Taurus Merc/Mars trine Pluto drama point..

The Moon moves to Leo over the weekend!


The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter,
Sextiles Venus
inconjuncts Pluto,
trines Uranus,
and squares Mars/Merc in Taurus by Sunday!

is that enough? snort!

High impact words and actions!

Better play well with others!
Better Play, period.

Self Expression.

Some big commitments, News coming thru?
What do you know NOW?!
I mean then.

As in, ~ what do you find out?!~

A jolt for the better?
Strong Medicine.


Love YOU!!!!


Tune in next week….


What do you think, is this what Taurus sounds like?!


Have a Beautiful Weekend!!

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2 Responses to April 24, 2015

  1. Laura says:

    Great music choices – I love all three! Ms Mvula is in a league of her own and Ocote Soul Sounds is crying out for a sunny day to be played.

    I hope you’re well, o-lightning, and had a great weekend.


    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Laura,

      Thanks Laura, and thanks for writing! Sorry I’m so slow to respond!
      Yeah, Laura Mvula! So cool! She has that enviable independent talent and hottness, a wondrously inspiring superhero vibe, a league of her own, but hopefully joined by many. 🙂 xoxox

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