April 21, Cardinal Countdown 2014


All this peak energy makes me sleepy.
I feel like the one person in ten that coffee puts to sleep.

There is so much to do, I don’t mean on an emotional/psychological level,
I mean there actually is SO MUCH TO DO.

I want to curl up in a sunspot.
Wake me when the world has decided itself,
& we are free to maneuver without radical consequence.
Wake me when the decisions have been made and I only need live them out amiably.

That’s hilarious, really, because I never would agree to anything like that!
Captain Cardinal reporting for work.

I wanted to write:

~What was that Ambivalence?
I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of my epic decision making prowess!
Boom there it be. We there now.~

In it’s own way that is just as true,
Mess with me, and you’ll find out at your peril,
just how flimsy any non-ultimate reality folds up and disappears…
Priorities prioritized?


and the rest… the rest can go f*ck itself
& YET, I’ve noticed myself getting off on delivering extra kindness,
why not be even a little nicer, why not go the extra mile or ten?

(great song, but Correction ALERT! Mercedes was born on April 21, 1904!)


Do you have emotional clarity in a situation that has yet to resolve itself,
and the clarity you have seems true, but useless?

Not that it’s irrelevant, but that it doesn’t solve the equation.
a piece of the puzzle is still missing…
Estimated time of delivery: Why, this very week!

There is a longer story being told as well,
the shape of it still emerging.

Watch the wind pick up and start blowing us around in a month,
when Mars goes direct in May.

Since destiny is at work here, I’m going to let it do the heavy lifting.
Task orientation: make a list, cross those f*ckers off.
I’ll try not to yawn in polite company.

Love YOU!!!



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2 Responses to April 21, Cardinal Countdown 2014

  1. DitisJenn says:

    PFFF YES! Still waiting for the job offer at the monkey sanctuary to come through. I had my interview. It was amazing. I will get news somewhere this week. The job starts on the 1st, right after my Lunar Return and the new moon eclipse. The astrology says I will get it, but trusting the astrology at this time?? No way. Too scary. So I just keep checking, my transits, progressions, the cross, the Lunar Return, The solar return, for who knows… It might suddenly change lol.

    Same here… Sleepy when I should be awake, awake when I should be sleepy. Dreams dreams dreams. Scary dreams, sad dreams, intense dreams, nonsense dreams, happy dreams, and all of those in one night.

    Good news come here already!

    (Happy with your insights as ever, gives me hope seeing this is normal)

    Love Jenn

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jenn,

      Yes, very normal. 🙂 I hope you get good news soon!! I like our next Eclipse on the 28/29th. New beginnings!
      This moment in time doesn’t feel comfortable. All kinds everything and nothing happening simultaneously, like a snake shedding it’s skin. xoxo

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