April 20, 2015


Now it’s Taurus time.


The lush fullness, the green green grass.

Is it any wonder I took a moment this morning before my blog was even written to look at Philly Cheese-Steak, and Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes?
Taurus is both traditional and ummm…. hungry! lol

I mean, Taurus is as traditional as Gemini is distractible.
Venus is in Gemini, and the Moon is on it’s way.


With Gemini we become interested in possibilities!

What did you think of our New Moon on Saturday?
I got into a fight Friday night! Yeah I did!
+ Taurus Mercury/Mars in aspect to Jupiter/Pluto!!!
anyone ever notice that Taurus does not like to be pushed?! lolz

~When am I gonna do that?! When I feel like it. That’s when!~
Temper temper.
But also, Autonomy.

By Sunday I was watching the trees speed by,
their soft new leaves the color of hope,
listening to the radio and singing along on my way to the ocean.

I lay for hours like a happy lump amidst my favorite people,
listening to tiny waves kiss the shore,
cooling off in sweet salty water, then eating my weight in sea creatures while I watched the sun set over the water.

TAURUS. that’s what.


Of course there is a tiny bit more going on in the sky…
Pluto describes a nearly unalterable and indescribable deepening in the area of your chart it touches…. what you are asked to face may not be pretty, but it sure is true.

What’s the plot?
ask an astrologer! lol!!!

Love YOU!!!!!



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2 Responses to April 20, 2015

  1. Laura says:

    I had a very handsome chap come over last night, cook for me, cuddled on the sofa and watched zombie series whilst drinking lots of cups of tea and eating biscuits. We giggled and enjoyed each other’s company in a lovely, relaxed, settled Taurean way.

    I know we Taureans can be a stubborn bunch but when we’re happy bunnies, we know how to relax!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Laura,
      Nice to hear from you! That sounds lovely! And perfect for the astro! Yes! Taurus can relax like a pro! No doubt! <3

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