April 20, 2013


Hey Y’all!

Happy Saturday!

The Sun is firmly in Taurus, with her ruler Venus, and now Mars.
The balance is tipping toward practicality and pleasure,
people are less apt to fight.

The Eclipse vibe still building, and the Outer planets très active.
For best results, connect with the natural world.

Visit some flowers. Play in the dirt. Eat well,
make yourself comfortable on as many levels as possible.

was an ARIES! I never would have guessed this! I LOVE IT!
Jupiter and Neptune in Leo, think his kids as well as his music,
Musicians, all three.
Shubhendra an Aries Anoushka a Gemini and Nora an Aries!
(Both Shubhendra and Nora were born on March 30th, different years.)
Ravi’s Moon at zero Sagittarius, as befits a traveling father. Fire Trine much?
Venus conjunct Mercury in Pisces: there it is! Otherworldly beauty.
Uranus in Pisces too, inventive.
His Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Virgo.
There is his craft and determination.
Ravi played for the whole of his life.
He has Pluto in Cancer which, in his chart, strikes me as a deeply creative placement.
People get down on fire and water combinations.
Objective? No. So what?! CREATIVE, Passionate, and Sincere.

Why so much about Aries today, when surely we are in Taurus Territory?
It’s the way the sky feels, what with all the Aries type goings on and disasters.
Mercury is tightly conjunct Uranus in Aries, Square Pluto in Cap, and Quincunx Saturn in Scorpio.
You might say the God of War is on my mind.
Aries is the hero, one who can champion the cause of peace.
Who will boldly stand up to do what is right.
Creating is hard work, frequently it is an Aries, who has the vision
and the fearlessness to take us where we need to go!

If you are feeling terribly unsettled remember:



Love YOU!!!!


p.s. Taurus, I won’t forget you!!! Your Birthday Message is in the works,
Most likely post Scorpio Eclipse.


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