April 2, 2013


Capricorn Moon/Pluto and all the Aries in the world!
If someone looks at you the wrong way,
you may be able to take time out of your busy schedule to punch them in the face.

Could happen.

Or with all that Cap. control, you could just, you know, hate them

‘Course with Merc still in Pisces it’s possible that it’s a misunderstanding

Moon Pluto is always deep feelings, and in Cap. you don’t want anyone to mess with them!


It’s not a bad idea to know how you feel though.
Repression isn’t ALWAYS the best medicine.

I recommend dancing, vigorously. Working out. Sex.

You could try and mull over your inner motivations,
but above all, take care of biz.
Sun in Aries, Moon in Cap. wants competence.

The least you can do is your JOB.

hahahaha There see,
you punched me instead of your co-worker, or the person who really deserves it.

Feel better?


Dance Break

If you ever get the chance go see JC Brooks!!!
Such a good live show! Promise!

This energy needs to go somewhere, or it’s easy to let it turn on you,
to feel lonesome or misanthropic, misunderstood.

Work. Talk. Sex. Exercise. Dance.

if I ruled the world JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound would be SO FAMOUS!!!

Love YOU


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2 Responses to April 2, 2013

  1. Lisa Patrick says:

    OMG- Andrea Miksic and i did the Dead Peoples Stuff for sale last summer in Mont. for a month in the old mens shop – we both had inherited a ton of stuff and were tired of it all -draggin us down. We didn’t call it that publicly but that is secretly what we called it !

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi Lisa! Funny! Sometimes you’ve got to clear out and move on!

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