April 18, 2014 Weekend & Beyond


Sagittarius Moon, between the Eclipses.
The Moon waning while the Grand Cross torques tight.

What kind of everything and nothing has happened?
Still trying to scrape together an ending without ruffling too many feathers,
Or wait, the beginning… right… wait what?
Some kind of sound echoing,


Thanks for the invite, ~Hello Ambivalence, come on in.~
It’s not that I don’t care, I care more than anything, it’s just that…

So much to do, it makes me yawn like a nervous dog…
Events and the notifications thereof…
popping up like popcorn.

Sunday April 20th we are suddenly in Taurus!
Happy Birthday Bulls!!!!


I think the Taurus Sun will help our dramas unfold more gracefully,
More stubbornly too, so there’s that.
Even so, the extra earth is an advantage.

Capricorn Moon heading in to Pluto on Easter Sunday,
with the ruler of the Sun: Venus conjunct Chiron,& trine Jupiter,
whole lotta potential there that could swing either way.

if your traditions have been painful, it’s a good moment to innovate:
go for quality & timelessness if you have a choice

Easter/Ishtar res-erection boinks like bunnies in springtime…
She has sort of a Venus/Persephone thing going,
but you knew that.

Coming to life!

Venus trine Saturn (building now, exact the 25th) makes it real.
Connections we forge now are far from flimsy,
Choose wisely Kittens,
As we head into next week’s Grand Crossroads Bonanza,
let’s take comfort in the fact that we are all doing it together.

Our lives are so tightly linked that each change becomes a chance to to exercise kindness in how we handle it. Better to do a difficult thing with compassion.
What happens now will be remembered.
Take Venus in Pisces with you, breathe easy, open heart.

Next Wednesday Mercury moves in to Taurus for all the action.
Stunned into silence?
Or an impassioned thoughtful speaker once the floodgates are open?

tune in next week….

Love YOU!!!


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