April 18 2013


Irritable, defensive, hot tempered, touchy
and ready to blow over anything at all.
Sun Mars at the end of Aries, Moon just crossed into Leo.
Mercury conjunct Uranus square Pluto? Harsh words will be said.

Huge explosion in Waco Texas last night.

The photos are unreal.
What I mean is, they are real.


Uranus in Aries, Square Pluto in Capricorn.
Accidents, disasters, war, murder,
over and over and over again.
and every time it’s real.

Societal Upheaval. It’s what’s for breakfast.

Saturn in Scorpio ups the intensity and makes it personal.
If you think you will get out of this time unscathed, think again…

Just brutal.

Healing? Miracles? Reinvent your life? Love?
remember love?

You can, all that. It takes grit.

Strip things down. Prioritize.

Check back later for a Message on the next Eclipse.

listen loud

Love YOU!!!!


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