April 17, 2013


It’s a sunny day today, whether it is or not wherever you are!

pardon me last night, my neptune was showing! pluto retro too!

The SUN IN ARIES IS CONJUNCT MARS! Exact. To the degree.
Wakes you up, and asks you to fulfill your solar promise.
We are all in the biz of becoming whatever our Sun sign is.

Taurus are learning to posses and beautify properly,
Aquarians to facilitate the greater good and innovate…
we are learning these things… it’s our solar journey.

Plenty of get up and go!
A Water Trine to balance it out.
Cancer Moon, Scorpio Saturn/North node and Pisces Neptune.
I’ll take it! That’s pretty good actually!

I was listening to this in the car this morning:

and it sounded just right!

It made me think of my friend and Jazz Musician of the highest caliber,
Bill McHenry
Go listen to him! Playing at the Vanguard really Soon! April 30-May 5th!
Beautifully photographed here by his sister, Mary who does in fact photograph everything insanely well,
how does she get light to behave that way?!
Talent to burn, those two!!!

I’ll put up his videos soon!

Today though, I wanted to play the Stevie song for you,
that Billy played for me, years ago.
Somehow it was the first time I’d ever heard it,
despite growing up with Stevie:
(Songs in the key of Life,
and Original Musicquarium,
Inner Visions, and Talking Book.)


That song always takes me back to the exact moment Bill played it,
and signifies a Fresh Start.

Today, get in touch with your Solar Energy.

Do your thing.

I think part of my thing is dancing around to Toots and the Maytals

Love YOU!!!


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