April 16, 2014


Water Trine: Neptune, Venus, Chiron, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn.

Scorpio Moon heading to Saturn

A little theater makes the darkness better…

sing along now….

Merc opposite Mars: watch where you point yo mouf.
Is there a tripwire set to release a flood?
Easy Cowboy

Good day to use what you know to get what you want.
It does take a light touch.
Better to say nothing and listen sharp,
than to detonate bombs that you are not pos. you want to drop.
Worst is to watch it blow up in your hands…

There is a bottom line in here, but it’s not a certain as it sounds…
it’s more like a ocean, plenty of depth and possibility lurking below the surface…
lurking? yeah, lurking.

… we are in motion.

Love YOU!!!



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  1. o_lightning says:

    Hey T,

    Thanks for writing! Nice choice! xo

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