April 15, 2013


and a Mighty MOOOOO was heard throughout the land!
Venus in to Taurus today!
Beautiful, patient snuggely Taurus. MOOOO!


I have Taurus, so I can Moo over here and not worry that it’s offensive.
Besides, you know what Taurus has?
Self-esteem. Taurus feels GOOD, Naturally.

Other Earth signs are prone to worry, Virgo and Cap, I’m looking at you!
Not So Taurus. Plenty of grass, and security is her middle name.

Venus loves to be in Taurus where pleasure is Queen.
Quality, Abundance, Peace, and Beauty


The gigantic pile up in Aries has had been a little hard on Bulls.
No control:
it’s all going on behind the scenes.
This week is the tipping point. Breathe deep, things come to light.
By next week we begin putting our plans into action,
finding out how the concepts translate to realities.

Aries keep on shining, you have a few more days of your super potent MARS.

Geminis, (and everyone), Mercury in Aries wakes you up!
You have friends, not just responsibilities,
with Jupiter and the Moon in Gem today, use your connections.

For everyone:

Nice Balance of Action and Reception.

Male and Female,
Mars and Venus
Aries and Taurus

Go Fast and Slow Down

Enough Air and Water to keep the whole thing moving,
like a sailboat with a sweet breeze.

Love YOU!!!



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