April 14, 2014


Echos of 1999 and even early 2000?
I like this drama better, it’s more slippery! hahaha!!
Can I say that?! (go Pisces !)

I couldn’t possibly have written more about the Eclipse.

A mountain is piled up behind me if you are curious!*
Full Moon loaded with everything.
Full Moon Deluxe with extra sauce!

Mars still retro,
the changes won’t be fully enacted until he suits up and grabs his sword
on May 19th.

Can we see the shape of what’s to come?
Absolutely, as long as you factor in the random!
Is there a plot twist? Naturellement!

Love YOU!!!



*Eclipse posts:

Videos where I talk to you!

Thinking about surfing!

Long ramble Full of details

Have a Beautiful Day!!!


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6 Responses to April 14, 2014

  1. jgirl says:

    i keep hearing about echos of 99, but i can’t remember anything that huge that happened to me then… Aug of 99 was the year i became a senior in high school, i graduated may of 00. also the year i started teaching swim lessons to children. although i’d babysat previously, it was my first “official” job working with other’s kids. so i looked at the chart on planetwatcher.com, and i guess the fact that the cross was leo/aqua – scorp/taurus is the reason it wasnt exactly life altering for me, cause i dont have personal planets or angles in those signs. my vertex is 7 leo, in the 8H, aqua is 2H, scorpio rules my 11H, and taurus my 5H. working with other’s children (2H – earned income, 11H – other peoples children)… also, i had some bullying issues that year in high school (11H, social groups) and also, thats the year guys started noticing me more… (8H sex appeal?)
    i feel this cross wayyyyyy more, as my sun, nodes, mars, moon, and MC/IC are all cardinal and have been/are being/will be hit by the cross. i (think… hope) the worst was when pluto opposed my 7 degree cancer sun, because this year, due to my growth and what i’ve learned, i’ve been able to use the cross to my advantage by positively transforming the old and outworn into my new and true/fated purpose. so far anyways lol… pluto is stationary on my SN in my 1H exact right now. thank goodness i have jupiter in my sun sign and 7H, and my chart is ruled by jupiter 🙂
    the eclipse conjuncts my pluto at 24 libra and my moon at 28, both in the 10H, and my progressed mars at 28 libra. transit mars just retrograded past my MC, back into my 9H when it hit 18 libra, and is conj my progressed saturn at 17 libra (natal is 15). it will conj my natal mars again at 12 degrees.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      you are right in the middle of all of it, but somehow it sounds like you are staying on top! Nice work! The fixed cross was that summer, and then in the winter we had a Mars retro in Aqua. Part of the echo for me is the Air sign Mars retro, it has an undeniable flavor, but actually I’m really glad of it at the moment. Politeness is keeping a lid on all kinds of biz I’m so grateful we don’t have to see, Cardinal Cross and all… Watch in May when plans become actions! WOW!! <3

      • Jgirl says:

        Knowledge is power!! Thanks to awesome blogs like yours I can be confident that I’ll make it through as long as I keep my cool and follow my dreams!!

  2. ditisjenn says:

    I am making the same choices as I did back in 1999/2000. And some things are actually literally recurring (just had a reunion of the animal college I entered in 2000, chose in 1999) But since I was 16 then and 30 now, the consequences are waaaayyyyy bigger and life changing! I am choosing to work with animals again (like I did back then). Actually have an interview at a monkey sanctuary tomorrow. All of the astrology looks like I am going to get it (and I have researched endlessly). SO. EXITED. This cross is so working for me. Just feel it. ENERGY woop woop!

  3. jgirl says:

    well i did just start volunteering with children… not a job or a career, but its working with kids again basically, like i did in 99. since the main thing for me was it being my last year as a high school student, maybe this time it will be my last year as a single woman! ha. or maybe i’ll win the lottery and it will be my last year working 😛

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