April 12, 2016


Aries Sun, Crab Moon,

We are all hoping that the juice will be worth the squeeze!

Mars at 8 degrees Sagittarius, by the 17th, he will turn back.
Venus trine Mars and Mercury trine Jupiter makes for good inter-sex flirting.
Mars inconjunct the Moon either makes it hott, or hurts our feels depending on the players.

Crab Moon square Aries Venus suggest that relationships between women may take additional effort.


Factor in the Mars and the ~OW that hurts!~ potential is very high.

You don’t have to lock yourself in the bathroom, but don’t be surprised when things head south.

A week from now the Sun will be in Taurus,
& Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be retrograde.
Initially that configuration presents as a renewed opportunity,
isn’t that cool?!

Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto will all be in a Grand Earth Trine.
With a Mars/Jupiter square to set it off.
Think about that, it’s massively good news.

Big Goals! Some within reach.
Retrograde Mars may hesitate.
Go slow, but don’t sit it out.
Our Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto trine will stay in play through the second week of June!
This is HUUGE, and strange, but productive.

If you have to negotiate something you have put on hold, or revitalize some communication,
particularly concerning Justice, you will have the forces of the universe on your side.

Practicality, Determination, Perseverance, Quality.

Mars and Venus both remain in Fire,
Venus to run into our Uranus square Pluto,
~outdated relationships begone!~ and Mars is retro, it’s true,
but we are nothing now if not innovative.
The long way around is not the wrong way, and there is ultimately a shoe for every foot.

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