April 11, 2013 ~ April Overview Special + Pluto Retrograde


Let’s catch up shall we?

Taurus Moon today. FOOD!
Beauty… a massage sounds nice, if you can hold still long enough!

A very Vibey Pluto Station
Pluto bringing us back into the power struggles (and people) the situations
we need to address over time, changes? YES.

Who has Cardinal Signs around 11% ?
But Aries, Cancer, Libra, you know you are in it!
Can you hear that base note in the background?
Does it sound like recognition?
Depth perception?
Don’t slide down that hill! You know the territory now!
Use what you are learning!
The will to f*cking live?

Jupiter hitting that transit of Venus! Really, STILL?!

that’s right!

Mid-degree placements in Mutable Signs,
and the Venus Ruled, I’m looking at at you!


Mercury about to arrive in ARIES this weekend!
As if we couldn’t get more blunt. We could and we will.
Communiques are about to be sent! Missiles to be launched!
Travel plans confirmed!
The dreamer suddenly gets his hands dirty, and the dream is nearly over.
Harsh edges and the longing for love, can have some peeps sniffling in a corner,
while others steal the sandwiches right off their plates!
“Hey Man, you gonna finish that?” Too Late!

Pluto Retro until September 20:

Pluto can present a terrific need, and a tremendous strength.
It’s the resurrection.
Something or someone you thought was down for the count can be back and stronger than ever.
MUCH STRONGER. Do not count anyone out
It’s those people who have been to hell that are not scared of the Devil!
Feel me?

Pluto is moving back to make that Square with Uranus in Aries.
To make the change.

With Uranus? The SHOCK OF THE NEW
Saturn Retro in Pluto/Mars ruled Scorpio?
You gonna get in the way?
Mars + Pluto
Move it or loose it.

Tuesday the 15th, Venus moves in to Taurus!
She loves it! But still close to that hott hott Aries Mars
Talk about a passionate Sky!
Aries may irritate her, but you know how those couples feel,
who just can’t agree and can’t leave each other alone?
Get them in bed, and they will do what they do best!

The Sun is going to be in Taurus by the 19th!
We are going to need all that calm stubbornness in order to follow through,
on the plans we are making riiiiiight NOW!

Mars Joins the Sun in Taurus the 20th,
slooooow down
and Mercury in Aries hits Uranus,
A New Idea!

yes Yes YES there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in SCORPIO coming too!!
25th of April

Redress some old issues, and a new way forward?
That’s exactly it.
Taurus won’t be counted out here,
and Scorpio deals a potent hand,
she has the North Node and Retro Saturn Keeping tight with the Moon.
Permanent Family/Emotional restructure?
Both sides will have to move in to the future.
It’s a fascinating sky and deserves it’s own post.
Eclipse News… to be continued…..

WHEW! …that’s A LOT!
Let’s chill for a min, or even as we accomplish our biz…

Burning Spear’s Rocking Time has to make it in to the Top Albums of all time, HAS TO!

the way is long, so long, the road is foggy….
are you ready…. are you ready….?

Love YOU!!!


p.s want more? From before?Extra April Overview and the O.G. April Overview


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