April 10, 2013, Aries New Moon


Aries New Moon

We are finally here.

I swear that Dark Moon just got insanely DARK!
Buttons were pressed people, BUTTONS WERE PRESSED!

Now we can take a deep breath and move past it…
It’s slipping by like icy stream water,
and we, well, we are in our fast cars and on our skateboards,
we have boarded the plane, climbed on the ship and are sailing away…

Away away away.

Refresh, Reboot, Renew, Really.

Clear out your head and focus. If you want to make a leap, go ‘head, jump.

YES: Pluto, Saturn: the tangle of your life and the deep currents dragging you back to address what IS, so that you can make it what it should be…

SURE THING. Do that. The New Moon is how. Move Ahead.


Warning: gratuitous absurd violence in the vid, and RZA rips off a a girl’s shirt
and YET…

How did I miss this ?!!!?!! HAHAHAHAHA! Watch it to the end!
You got to or it’s only half as good!!!!

I can not stop laughing. The Black Keys and RZA?

Wait WHO is the baddest man alive?!
That’s what I thought.

Yes people, Good Morning!

Try not to rip off anyone’s arm today, beyond that you are GOLDEN.

Go team GO!

Love YOU!!!!


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