April 1, 2014, Cardinal Grand Cross


WhiterabbitWhiterabbit! Whew! That said,
Happy April!

The Moon is in Taurus,
& the Aries Sun Uranus conjunction just comin’ on.

Please yourself if it’s not going to hurt anybody.
Good day for pleasure, for athletic sex and dancing.
Do something that makes your body happy.

Or go outside away from whatev and whoev it is you usually do…
A long walk someplace new, out on your own?

Conflicting impulses in the mix

Not really lighthearted
If changes get made, value is on the chopping block.
deep feelings are right there where you can get at them,
& there is support to make alterations for the right reasons.

If you can’t do it yet,
you may find it’s staring at you anyway.

the police show up for the protagonist in Nicki’s song …
might have to learn to swim… we can’t hold our breath forev

It’s alright, you and the new can take a moment
to look at the contours of the map, before you heave your anchor out of the water, or should I say ~jump out of the plane~
Sometimes you get pushed though…
parachute OPEN!!!

Could even be a series of thoughts that you are ready to stop having.
Reinvention comes from both directions now,
within, and without.

Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn.
What do they want from you?

it’s simple enough to say we change, but change what?
Our beliefs, the bottom line, our vision of the future,
family, freedom, responsibility…
the themes are large because the pillars that hold up our lives are shifting,
move one, and you are bound to move them all.

A new alignment.
Getting comfortable with the realities of power.
It does matter.
Mars Saturn and Pluto actually agree on that.

Neptune/Chiron in Pisces adds the whole surreal overtone,
I would say an undertone, but it’s right there on top!
Working with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, Neptune changes the fabric of who it’s possible to be!
Our lady of the Miracle of Acceptance.

Love YOU!!!




It do get stuck in your head!

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