and Now…. The Circus Comes to Town

Hands up! Whose life is feeling just a little bit like a circus at the moment? Exactly how many balls can you keep juggling? Hmmmm? A few more maybe, a few more.

Yet, doesn’t it also seem as if things are still a bit encumbered? As if by dragging a heavy load? You have to ask yourself, a load of what?

Oh these Saturn in Libra relationships can get a bit draining! After all, “You are here to learn, not play” sez Saturn…

and then courtesy of Uranus in Aries the random keeps randoming! RANDOM!!!
Yup. Or is is it? “Maybe it’s all part of a plan.” Sez Pluto…

I wanna talk about Uranus in Aries, and I’m going to use Aries Sun and deeply individualistic Karin Dreijer Andersson of the band The Knife as our poster girl. The Knife is her and her brother. (An interesting nod to Libra partnership.) Karin’s solo project is Fever Ray. Both projects are wildly popular. Doesn’t she look SO amazingly epically ARIES!!!

Tune in and we’ll talk about it!

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