and if you don’t know, now you know…

I think she’s photogenic.


So Yesterday Gemini saved my ass.

Seriously Yo.

You know what it was?

It was information.

(which Gemini rulez)

I needed to know, to know specifically,

and for realz the answers to exact questions,

the results of which had epic and far reaching consequences for many people.


I found out out!

and then I knew!

forewarned = forearmed

Gemini= Books!

If there is something you need to know… um, make sure you find out

Don’t take anybodies word for it.. get that knowledge for yourself.

… then a friend of mine posted this vid, and I thought
that is exactly right

That’s what it takes!

If you can do this,
that’s cool too though…

and if you don’t know, now you know…

Love YOU!!!


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