Already in Our Eclipse, March 4, 2016


Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto today, and the Eclipse is already happening.
A bittersweet lucky fever is in the air, like a wave of sweet springtime, damp, warm, and suddenly a chill that makes you gasp and clutch your sweater.

It’s not at all clear how it’s going to turn out. The sky is rich with actual threat and promise. There are gifts and fear of reprisals.

Think back to the last week of February 1998, it’s over now, and we begin something new.

Mercury squares Mars, as both are balanced on a precipice of stubborn emotional knowitallism, and rapidly tipping to Sagittarius (Mars) and Pisces (Mercury) where an extreme goodytwoshoes Jupiter will rule them both, and reflect the difference back to a Pisces Mercury.

Dream it to life. Speak, and they will believe in you, whether they believe you or not!

chuckclose_sienna *

It’s not about truth, or is it?
Is it an image? Persuasive. An abstract exact. Selling the dream.

If you think things won’t pivot now, think again.

Use your dynamism, now, RIGHT NOW, in March.
April will slow us down and lock us up, at least begin so you will be fighting the correct battle, not the battle to begin at all.
Don’t be afraid, there is a push for the good here, even the greater good. Impersonal, a value judgment, ethics.
At the same time, is our vision subjective?
Interior, blurry, hard to assess?
Where might you find a form of distance ?
There is an otherworldly diffuse precision at work, delivered one laborious brush stroke at a time.
It’s all Chuck Close.



No matter how far you travel you are as close as ever. Close your eyes, and take the steps anyway. Guided.

Saturn squares the Sun, and likely you need the tether, there IS a lack though, of time, or money, or experience. Somebody somewhere disapproves!

If your shoes pinch, it may keep you from selling the farm for magic beans,
or perhaps your starry eyes will find you still in a pair of too tight shoes,
clutching what may or may not be a pretty pebble.

Remember this one?


The the blister, the broken toe, the wound, may just get you where you are going…

Is it worth it?

In a word, YES.

Love YOU!!!


More on Chuck HERE
Plus, Sienna Shields!


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