All revved up and….

All revved up and crying in my soup…

Ok not quite, but you know the feeling.

I can DO this! Oh F*ck it! Never mind! Oh wait I’m ON it!

You feel me?

Sorry guys. I had to do that.

It’s war out there,
between what is not only possible but essential, and what is ridiculous,
Between what is completely worth it,
and what is an absolute waste of time.

at these times…. at least for me, pleasure becomes more and more appealing,

and yet lately something always gets in the way….
Saturn style…. argh!

…. Now is the only time and yet…
it is hard actually hard to get a jump on things…

most of it won’t be settled ’till April 15th or later…
though a few may come clean after the 4th… at least you will know most of what you need to know…

But meanwhile things are happening fast, things with consequences,
radical decisions, things you are actually responsible for,
or people are responsible to you… are they?

Are they about to revolt???

It’s a radical year for any of the cardinal signs. Do NOT count them out!
Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

What are they going to do???!
Oh, Um, anything…!

If that is your rising sign it still counts.

Pisces too, stronger than ever!

The rest of you guys will be dodging bullets
and making hay ( to use a few random and out dated metaphors)


Change is the name of the game.
Those who can keep up,
those who treat you with kindness…
that’s not only who you want in your life,
but who you want to be.



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