Aftermath of the Pisces Eclipse 2016


For a moment, I was wondering in this mess of an Eclipse, if we lost the plot.

Such a muddle of information, action, and emotion,

A surrounding swirl of our personal weakest links,
& the varied pieces of the beautiful heart that we use to grow through the tangle.
Watching time melt and reform.

Stepping back a moment, can you see a multiplicity of messages?
It’s what you do next that counts.

Dualism is the theme, and acceptance is the policy.


Can you see that witnessing the absurdity, incongruity or even the outright surreal quality of what comes next, in no way excuses you from participating?

Instead, we follow our muse, and if not fearless, perhaps amazed that we have been forced (have we chosen?!) into these corners, and we leap in, inexplicable. You have to participate!


Over our heads, or more likely beyond, as in a new world, a new set of norms.
It’s as though we have made it through the rabbit hole, the tunnel, and opened up.

Open to what?
To new a new framework, and thus new symbolism and meaning: same world, new glasses.


Are we catching up to the lives we have already lived, so we can shake them off like seaweed? Discarding ribbons of kelp, unwanted ankle bracelets after a swim?

Or perhaps something more subtle, the difference between knowing what you know, and seeing that you know it.
You are your own witness, and therein lies your freedom.


With Jupiter in Libra, it could be that someone is coming with you,
or that you begin to look for that someone.
Someone who could be holding your hand as you take a next step.
How much do you bend to their wishes?
That’s a Jupiter in Libra question, and we will be finding out…

Love YOU!!!!


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