After the Taurus New Moon, April 28, 2017

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I should totally know better by now.
There is a crack in the facade of whatever money/love/values situation you had going. More so if you are Venus ruled. The New Moon cracked it, and Uranus/Mercury sure as f*ck didn’t help. Am I here to tell you that’s a good thing? To let the light in, peek under the hood?

After I don’t even know how many years, I have come to the conclusion that the New Moon in Taurus is never fun. Never,*** even when it’s completely worthwhile. Could it be that Taurus doesn’t like changes?! LOL! sigh,

Earth changes are mountain slides and earthquakes, they are cracks that open to real Earth’s molten core.

And that is just what we have here. Structural changes that are essential to our development. Growth. Or Growths. Ewww.

Love YOU!!!!

*Jean Hugo
** photo by Manuel Alvarez Bravo
***at least never with Venus and Uranus in Aries

~ The interior life is often stupid. Its egoism blinds it and deafens it; its imagination spins out ignorant tales, fascinated. It fancies that the western wind blows on the Self, and leaves fall at the feet of the Self for a reason, and people are watching. A mind risks real ignorance for the sometimes paltry prize of an imagination enriched. The trick of reason is to get the imagination to seize the actual world – if only from time to time.
– Annie Dillard ~

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2 Responses to After the Taurus New Moon, April 28, 2017

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about that. I have Venus/MC in Taurus and Sun-Moon midpoint @ 6 Taurus. Hasn’t been the greatest new moon. Of course Saturn has been slowly squaring my natal moon so that’s been a bummer on top of some on going personal issues at that. Taurus definitely does not like change!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Brian,
      Agreed! And yet, here we are on the other side of it, with Mercury about to go direct, and in a much stronger position for having processed all that Chiron biz that came with the New Moon. Saturn squaring your Moon can be quite lonesome. Take care of yourself, the more concrete steps you take to consolidate, protect, solidify… with Saturn Growth and Mastery is always possible, however slow. Right now, with the Saturn/Uranus connection, we can accelerate that a bit. New Directions. <3

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