After the Scorpio Full Moon, 2016


How very Scorpio that our souls died a little yesterday, and that it is impossible to play here on the blog the 39 Albums that express his genius. The only man to change his name to a symbol.

Scorpio embodies so much of what can not be said, it can only arrive as an energetic transfer from one soul to the next.

Sex Death and Money. Absolute indisputable value which can not be defined externally. The meaning arrives on contact, via an internal axis (taurus/scorpio) which you self-create.

What does sex mean to you, and death? It’s personal.


Prince Rogers Nelson was a Gemini/Pisces/Scorpio, that very combination embodies so much of Prince’s uncompromising life’s work, to communicate the love of God, Sex, Transcendence, Artistic Personal Freedom, Obsession with Achievement.

One thing that strikes me as especially Gemini and especially Prince, is his commitment to the unique details of the story in his song writing. In his work, there is a resistance to a traditional narrative, and an insistence on the beauty of honest complexity, as shown over and over in songs like Never Take the Place of Your Man, If I was your Girlfriend, or even in smash hits like Purple Rain.

As Saturn squares Neptune by transit = As Death affects Art
and perhaps more importantly, or of equal importance

As transiting Saturn squares Chiron in Pisces = as death comes to UNIQUE Artistic Geniuses, what are we to do?
I began to look at this in my post Astrological 2016
I think now, that it has more to do with Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces than anything.

In astrology, Squares, don’t give you their power without a struggle.
(the aspect, as in squares, trines, oppositions)

It takes mastery. So far this year, we are getting our asses kicked.
The implication?
Work harder to bring ART to LIFE.


What lasts (saturn) when you are gone (pisces) ?
You work, your deeds, what art did you create?
What transcendence do you offer?

Love YOU!!!



Help O! Lightning to Exist! I can’t go on without you!

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