Advice from Your God(s)


It’s raining where I am, & I have a porch to enjoy it.

Huge rolling thunder, glamorous lightning, beautiful fat drops of life-giving water.

I’m in the process of scrubbing my life clean.
I can’t be who I’ve been and, the open options to become anyone are a near paralytic!
(spoken like a true child of neptune, with heavy gemini! LOL)

My blog writing seems to be suffering from a surfeit of reality.
So much to glean from experience, every moment rich with potential implication.
What On Earth to Say?

Should we break it down, talk about Mercury in Libra, & Venus in Virgo?
Examine our partnerships?


Mercury is in Libra and Venus is in Virgo:

A nice combo. Mutual reception keeping us smart and beautiful.
As in, we will do the work that being beautiful requires,
whether internal or external,

Harmonizing conversations intended to edit, & to improve,
a keen eye toward justice,
no more, no less.

Social calls that benefit us in the most pragmatic
& critical manner. We will know, how to listen, (most of us)
how to stop ourselves from alienating our allies.

~Yes DO go to the party.
Yes make friends, and no don’t mention salad on their tooth unless they ask you!~

With Neptune in the Merc/Venus mix, motivation & sincerity is questionable
the hazy vision and the vaseline lens,
When you look at someone else, are you looking at yourself?
You’re not. Are you?


Should we pan back a bit?
Neptune waves spread even farther…
Who can survive sudden disillusionment?
Where BIG Neptune goes, bitterness comes after
that’s where Chiron helps you:
A tonic two parts acceptance, one part detachment,
and a large jigger of compassion for our shared humanity.

We began this work with our Water Trine, and the ripples keep spreading.

Don’t look away, no matter how painful…

Witness, integrate, accept, and here is the key:
Move On


What will kill you in this astrology is to stand still.

Which of course is the Very Big Picture!


An opening. A revolution on every level.
Our Cardinal Grand Cross and beyond!

It’s personal.
So personal that without your chart I can’t tell you which directions are emphasized, or should I say that with your chart I CAN tell you?

I can and I’d be happy to.
What I want to say across the board is: move.


Take a moment and listen, really listen.
What advice would God(s) give you if you were ready to hear?

That’s it.
Don’t argue with the word of the God(s)

don’t over-think it.
God(s) will give you the next step when you are ready to know.

Dreams, and what it takes to realize them will become very clear with Saturn in Sagittarius.
It’s a bubble burster, & a faith restorer for certain.
Values and beliefs will be clarified.
A practical faith?
Hello reality check!

As for now, we have to finish up our Saturn in Scorpio Lessons.
The Quiz is coming… and our final exam will be here before you know it!

Balance of power. Trust. Deep Commitment.
You are in or out…

Love YOU!!!



don’t eat these! The caloric hangover is terrible!!!

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2 Responses to Advice from Your God(s)

  1. Tam says:

    “Don’t look away, no matter how painful…

    Witness, integrate, accept, and here is the key:
    Move On”

    That’s tough though….I had to do it Wednesday. I would rather have taken a physical beating.

    One problem I’ve personally had with the Neptune square is disappointment. I don’t think I set myself up for it by blowing through any red flags. I just feel….. well…..disappointed.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Oh I hear you Tam! It’s like a self administered root canal. Just brutal. <3

    I see people taking the alternative route, though, holding on, and with that you will never be free. It can poison your mind to the extent that you have no real life. Just a hull-like receptacle for the bitterness and pain. Sand just pouring in, covering over everything. NO. Gotta move.

    I'm so sorry you were disappointed. I absolutely do believe there were no red flags.

    I've seen a lot of that too. It's like a strength training obstacle course in simultaneous compassion and self determination. Especially compassion for one's self for one's own life.
    I've been feeling like asking God for advice is the best use of Neptune for me these days....Anyway, Thanks for writing! xoxox

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