A Tapestry

So how’s it going peeps?

So much of the past seems to be weaving it’s way into the future.
I had two different friends, who are guys,
use the phrase “Weaving a tapestry” to describe this time,
and neither are the type!

I think it’s a comment on the tapestry weaving nature of the of this exact moment.
Past Present and Future are all showing up,
to be swirled into the magic and mystery that is now.

Can I say that? It’s so cheesy!!!

Seriously, are threads from all areas coming together in your life,
and promising to turn into something completely unprecedented?

Happy Pisces!

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4 Responses to A Tapestry

  1. beck says:

    They sure are, but I would like to think that I had a little something to do with it and it hasn’t been easy.But I AM enjoying the ride!

  2. o_lightning says:

    I feel you beck, it’s complex!

    Hi M!

  3. Django Hulphers says:

    HELLS YES! integrating, entwining those threads that strayed so far…..now back into the cycle.

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