A Saturn Neptune Signature





Dissolving beliefs, dissolving ethics, dissolving certainties …

Everything I wanted to say today, I happened to say already JUST HERE Click and Find Out!

Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces is the topic,
as it turns out I have written about it quite a bit!

Some early thoughts that resonate on a deep level: Saturn/Neptune and READ THIS TOO!

This post is a bit more practical (if you can call anything I write practical! lol) Saturn Square Neptune

Another view on the topic: Saturn Square Neptune in a Uranus Square Pluto World

PLUS, the O.G. Saturn in Sagittarius Message
Ever more relevant! We are in the Venus ruled section now, as Jupiter is in Libra.


Love YOU!!!!



Neptune goes direct on November 20th, Here are some notes about the Neptune Retrograde we are currently in .

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