A Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn Message

I was expecting more physical results out of the Lunation.
I thought, with such a dynamic configuration
the sky would go at least a little ::BOOM::

Not so. What many people seem to have, are interior landscape changes.

It is the -X- you are here, I wrote about a few days ago.

Mercury is still in the shadow zone.
The emphasis on Saturn/Capricorn = things are just slow.

Uranus in Aries, Aries who can usually be relied on for a kick in the pants, still going backwards, that square to Pluto, was not a giant boot ahead, but rather a new conception of where we are now.

I’m watching people plot their courses very carefully,
and I’m seeing people too afraid to move.
I’m seeing that for many the landscape looks so indecipherable,
or simply so immune to their efforts, that Neptune is the only option:
Let go and see what the universe has in mind.

I’m seeing doors just shut for no reason.
I’m watching gaps become harder to bridge.
People float away, becoming specks in the vision of their former loved ones so impossible to reach… and I see very little sadness to go along with it.
Pragmatism is the new everything.
It simply no longer worked.

Regret being beside the point, and recognized as useless.
-It didn’t work for me.- I’m seeing that tempers are short.
A degree of harshness perhaps frighteningly acceptable at the moment.
Watch out for this people it’s a slippery slope.
Conditions are spare. People want to risk little or nothing.
A guaranteed return.

Suddenly a minimum of resources,
and this is just the beginning.

Over the next two years: crack, shrink and crumble.
Those pragmatists who plan and focus will find themselves,
and few very strategic and rather intuitive Pisces/Neptune types at the top of the heap.
… and there will be a top and a bottom.

The artist and the business man meeting at the pinnacle
in all the best dark places…

that’s quite a vision….

Perhaps something more wholesome is possible.
Yes, yes it is.
Grassroots, mom and pop, the cute couple with the bakery…
all that works, but only as far as pragmatism will carry it.

We will be surprised to experience the very stark mixture of ruthless poetics that the next two years provide.

Personal loyalty, out of fashion for a time, is going to be priceless.

So this is the door cracked open, and a look inside.

On December 13th with the New Moon in Try and Stop Me Sagittarius
and Uranus direct in Go F*uck Yourself Aries,
I believe we will move right into it.

sink deeper, swim more swiftly, forward march, float and fly.


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