A Russell Brand Interlude


Whatever you think about Russell Brand,
nobody could say he’s not doing his Uranus square Pluto properly.
The Man is On It!

Russell has an Aries Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.
His natal Mars @ 10 degrees opposing his Pluto @ 6 Libra.

Retro Neptune in the 10th in Sagittarius to Trine all that Aries,
and sextile his 8th house Pluto in Libra,
which in turn Trines his Gemini Sun/Merc.
He has a mystic rectangle going. You can see his chart HERE

North Node in Scorpio on the Midheaven!
He has Venus and Saturn, not too tight together, @ 17 and 27 Crab.
Lilith in Pisces, Between that, the Scorp. and the Gemini,
you have his fashion sense exactly!

Both Pisces and Gemini men go for necklaces/scarves.

8th house retro Uranus in Libra!

Sun and Mercury in Gemini,
he DOES have to talk about it, not just live it!

a chart very well expressed methinks!

Late Capricorn Rising…It’s Russell time, and it will continue to be.
That’s quite a while to walk a tightrope, I wouldn’t be surprised,
if he skipped out on everything at some point, took a breather, then came back fresh.

Russell’s interest in authenticity is sincere, but what on earth to do with it?!
He’ll think of something…
what is Gemini, if not inventive?!



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