A Pluto in Capricorn/ Saturn in Scorpio Story


I was thinking about the hype following Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn,
and the hype about these years of change in general.
It’s started high drama 2008.
Structures started to crumble.
We all understood this. Some things needed to end.
2011 was hyped as a build up.
2012 supposed to be the sh*t.
2013 continuing with the rad changes amIright?
That was the rhetoric.
We are building all the way though 2015.
Cardinal Planets remaking lives.
I’m brave, I thought. I’m down. Let’s bring it! Changes!

~These are changes 2013 Saturn in Scorpio style~


NEVER would I have thought it would be like this.
Humbling just humbling,
Raw like the March wind in a northern state.
Hurt like a headache, the kind Zeus had before Athena burst from his head.

Will Aries awaken us?
Will Jupiter Exalted in Cancer make miracles with Saturn and Neptune this summer?

All around me, what people have is stripped to nothing. There is no magic.
There is so little…
or the magic is shoved over in a corner.
Neptune is unreliable, and Chiron has half the folks feeling like lepers.

There is something though, a blue spark that began with Pisces,
some seed of acceptance, some forgiveness or understanding,
a reconciliation, or a vision that you can’t undo.

Saturn in Scorpio maps the limits of our willpower

I wouldn’t go back.
I want to be awake,
and see the results of past action, the results of power dynamics,
I’d rather look than look away.


I can’t think how many people have told me this winter
that they have no real reason to be alive.
That they do not want to continue with what there is.

At best what people feel they have is small and risky.
Even when objectively they have made tremendous gains.
A lucky penny.
Or the idea that any penny is a lucky penny?
Who knew that survival of the fittest was a full time job?

You love… someone… a child… an idea…
You can’t let go.

The separations between peoples are cracks that widen into gulfs,
and the gestures we make to others like puppet motions on a stage far away.
We appreciate the intent.
We appreciate the color, and the love,
but each of us are falling down a well that never ends,
falling and falling… wait! Grab that root.

You will have to haul yourself up.
Your fingernails are going to break and your hands are going to bleed.
You may not remember why you are doing this. Keep climbing.

That’s the Pluto in Capricorn Story/Saturn in Scorpio Story.
Because the well never ends and you may get kicked as many times as you climb.

Incremental handholds and huge leaps in the dark.

Believe, and Pisces will help you trust enough to create your future.

Or maybe it’s only,
only in the refusal to quit that Pluto knows so well,
that is Pluto’s gift in the first place.
You submit, with no resistance to destiny.
Everything can be taken and you just won’t die.
You continue to exist, and you pull yourself up hand over hand.
Bloody knuckles or no,

Saturn will measure how far you’ve come.
Saturn must hold your weight where you have done the work.

You want to see what the sky looks like from outside the well?
Is it beautiful up there?


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6 Responses to A Pluto in Capricorn/ Saturn in Scorpio Story

  1. Josi says:

    Excellent, Omie. Just excellent. Thank you.

  2. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I hope you never underestimate what you can do with words. You just nailed it!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophiepiscesmoon, What a lovely thing to say!!! I really feel this energy in my bones.(Saturn jokes)
      Would it be alright if I used some of your generous comments on a page? I’m thinking of maybe doing an ‘about the blog’ section somewhere, and gathering some quotes. Thanks for writing! xox

  3. o_lightning says:

    @ Sophiepiscesmoon<3

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