A Mutable T- Square is…





A Mutable T- Square is… more than a paperweight, less than a prism,
Or is the other way around…

Imperfections amidst fluctuations.

The creeping vagueness among the amassed details.
Piling themselves, a clutter either fantastic or tragicomic,
& with real bloody consequence.

Can you forget?
Blink and it’s back.
We watch prophesy enact itself, this IS Pisces.

This is Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius, with Gemini caught in the crossfire.
It’s Pluto in Capricorn, trine Jupiter and Square Uranus.

Twins much?

Which Fish? Virgin or Whore? Hypocrisy or Moral Leadership?
True, Humble, nearly Divine Sacrifice, or
a ridiculous unwarranted, unheeded, want-to-be-martyr?


The world is our mirage. Our theoretical battleground. Our playground.
Our moral imperative.

Dualism on every level, as the full enactment of our moment.

Non-escapist, non-analytical, inclusive fully felt reality, where for art thou?

Even amidst personally violent accidents, and painful awakenings, we float,
the surreal is woven in, an anesthetic.


Do you injure yourself more because you can’t feel what you are doing?
How far the knife has cut?
Or is it anesthesia alone that makes this kind of operation possible?

If we had to feel as well as we know, could we continue to exist?
We’ll take the Feeling and Knowing in turns, along with the awareness of what’s missing.

Maybe we do know what we are up to after all?

Here we are, back to the beginning:

Dualism on every level, as the full enactment of our moment.
…the results… destined to speak for themselves…

The basic Mutable T-Square will be with us for the rest of 2016

Jupiter conjunct the North Node, + Saturn + Neptune.

While Jupiter moves to Libra in September, the North Node continues to play into the T-square another 2 months or so. A T-square is a triangle.

To begin with, Neptune opposes Jupiter!
How do you know what’s possible?!
Jupiter/North Node Squares Saturn and Mars!
Neptune squares Saturn/Mars!


Mutable signs make for mutated experience.
Ambivalence beyond even fanaticism
There’s no arguing with faith,

but a certain
~ don’t expect ME to believe my own zealotry, I only want YOU to believe ~
is in the air.

On that note, did someone say Saturn in Sagittarius!!!

How true is this now?! Again, click HERE to read about the Saturn in Sagittarius effects we are all experiencing.

When I say Mutable, you say T-square

Think of how the structure you are in impacts your hopes.
That structure maybe ideological.

A lead balloon?
What innovations will Saturn trine Uranus unleash?!

That Saturn is involved at all suggests a union between what you do/have done, and circumstance.
It will be both.

A bridge to the New World.

Uranus is the wild card, and Saturn is the Authority, the rules.
Uranus is the random that happens,
with absolutely no ~ why ~ just a quick sharp ~ because ~ that echos endlessly,
that defines all ~ whys ~ from here on out!

The urge to strip away or to go beyond.
What a change the early Aries people have seen in these last few years!
To be born anew, Athena, whole in a new paradigm.

Like the rest of 2016’s elaborate choreography,
Saturn trine Uranus will disappear, and later return.

For the moment cast your gaze on our Mutable T- Square:

The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune all on team Fish,
in difficult aspect to Saturn (lord of Karma)
and opposed to luck, growth, and destiny itself, that is to say a retrograde Jupiter debilitated in Virgo, (this may take repeated trips and overthinking!) and yet that Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, who constitutes what amounts to a flame; we see by these lights.

In other words, motivation, marries indecision and has a baby frustrated confusion, who does actually leave home, and make choices out in the wide world.

As the Sun and Mercury (ruling Jupiter) soon move to Aries,
The Full Moon Aries/Libra Eclipse will give us a kick in the pants
on the 23 of March, much needed, even as Saturn and Later Mars turn back.

Independence Asserted.
Whole lot of one, two, kick, twist, turn, dance moves to get where we intend to, whether in partnership or alone.

Frustration level: Olympian
Are we about to become superheros based on an awful spider-bite, an experiment gone wrong, a forced genetic mutation?

Don’t rule it out.

Love YOU!!!!


As Ever,
+ Especially in this moment of high powered uranian energetics,
of teaching and learning Sagittarius and Virgo style,
Fela Kuti has something valuable to share.

Fela, among many other things was a Libra Sun/Mercury, Virgo Mars/Neptune, and Aries Saturn, and Venus Sagittarius, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius! And a Crab Moon conjunct Chiron!

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4 Responses to A Mutable T- Square is…

  1. Colleen says:

    Why is Virgo weak?

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,

      Virgo is not weak per se, it’s only that Jupiter in Virgo is weak, as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, Virgo’s opposing sign. So in Virgo, Jupiter is in it’s detriment. Jupiter expands, Virgo is about the parts that make the whole, the details, it’s not an easy fit. Thanks for writing to me! xo

  2. Sophie says:

    Thanks Omie, for trying to unpick and make sense of this soup! It is so hard to grasp and yet something is forming there. I will re-read this over in my attempts to fathom things! Only time will tell I guess. The Temperance card springs to mind…an integration of elements over time, but its hard to see/know which ones are needed which one not, and what substance will be produced in the end. Decisions and choices must be made from a very uncertain place – if you dare to make them at all and then…Uranus! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophie,
      Nice to hear from you! There is a lot of theoretical movement, and it is so hard to know what will be real, or where the wise choice is found. Listen to your heart, & be brave. xoxox

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