A Look at Late Winter

Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - 1920s - by Alfred Cheney Johnston.

What now?

Can we crack the code, and move ahead?
Are we fantastically, dangerously close to success?

Errrrm no.

We may be able to crack the code between this week and the next,
but it’s the move ahead bit that gets us jammed.

There is progress, and the more insight, the more genius vision,
the more you step back and allow clarity to bless you
with unexpected delineations of thought, that lead you down previously discarded hallways,
or perhaps you open a new door entirely,
one you never noticed was shut, because it blended with the wallpaper so completely:
who could even see that was a door? The more you follow these the better.

Paradigm shifts are invaluable.
Chances are there will be more than one
Whiplash? Roll with it.
Reframe your experience, and open the doors to opportunities previously impossible?
That’s exactly right.

Those whom you have counted out, back in the mix, and vise versa?
Some are struggling to make exits now, but their coat keeps getting snagged.
It’s not easy to escape, nor is it easy to begin,
not if you expect it go smoothly.
It will go. But smoothly?
We’re playing chess with live pieces, they are not so well trained as you might hope.


Our Venus retrograde finishes snuggled up to Pluto,
& with a New Moon in Aquarius on the 30/31 TA DA!

Mercury retro comes rushing up to meet her.
It will only be a week later when Mercury turns back.
And the Shadow Zone? By Wednesday’s cardinal chaos (Jan.22nd) we are there!


Just to be funny, let’s consider what we have coming after Mercury goes direct:
Mars Retrograde March first! The very day after Mercury is direct.
Mars Retro lasts until May 19th.
You know what you begin when Mars is retrograde?

That’s right, nothing. NOTHING.

Respond? Sure. Initiate? Not on your life.

Perhaps we will need this,
to take some of the pepper out of April’s Cardinal Grand Cross.
Although misdirected anger is likely, it’s not likely to succeed.
There is some comfort in that, if it’s directed at you.

Venus in Pisces by then will want the best, most harmonious outcome.
She is exalted there, and she functions nearly like a Neptune without the aftermath.
It’s a gentle influence, but one that should not be undersold.
Think of it as God’s love.

With Mars in Libra, no one wants to end a relationship or partnership of any kind.
Oh they will if they must! Just not if they can perceive something easier…
a substitute is likely to be found before the old bond is let go.
Or wait for July with Jupiter in Ego trines Uranus in outtamyway.

When Mars looks backward, we work with what we have.
I’ll write moremoremore as we move closer.

This week, use your brains and your individual spark.


If things heat up, Cardinal signs I’m looking at you!
don’t forget you are free to drop the frying pan and walk out of the kitchen
(At least in your mind, & your mind counts!)
reality may demand that you stay put and handle it.
Fact is,
if you can cool your mind, & you can, you can handle nearly anything.


Who has returned ?
What values have you rethought?!
AND, having rethought them, what doors will now open???
hint: it’s strategy based rather than heavy emotion.

Don’t know yet?
Keep Thinking!!!

or conversely,

get your hands busy,
clear your mind, let it appear.

Love YOU!!!!




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