A Libra Moon, Uranus and Pluto Story


Saturn Squaring my Mercury is taking away my will to write.
As if I will be less and less understood. Mum’s the word.

Meanwhile, in another part of my life,
I have to write letter after wretched letter in legalese.

I know I know, I have allll the fun.

My father Keith died around this time of year, and it doesn’t ruin it for me,
but with the Libra Moon under fire from Uranus and Pluto,
it brings out an undertone that honestly, at this moment, is already there.

I was reminded of the summer before he died.
Keith took a trip, to visit some friends, a family reunion.
Clearly his last, (a funny word trip: to stumble, to have a psychedelic experience, to voyage.)
Doing such things as opening a window were at this point notably strenuous.
It hurt to watch him use his energy that way, to spend it, when he would never get it back.
But then, what would he save it for?
He was dying. Why not stand and open the window himself?
So I had to watch, we all watched as he did the things it was still possible to do.

His voice was not gone yet, and he sang beautifully.
Little snippits of song. Captured clear as a pinned butterfly.
We walked across the lawn, and sat outside at my mother’s house.
My mother, who had spent the last 25 years hating him.
Never a good word to say, and yet, never really considered another man,
as if all men everywhere were intrinsically beneath him, a subspecies she could not possibly admit.

Whereas he seemed to feel rather more simply that my mother was crazy, and he was a fool to have tangled with her at all. Glad to have made it out and away as fast as he did.
I remember a cautionary lecture, after he looked at my palms, the pinkies in particular,
(he was a palmist) where he warned me not to place too much emphasis on sex.
That was, Keith said, what had happened with my mother and him. They got hot, had some kids, and I should not follow suit.

So there we were, with a woman he never spoke to, his ex-wife, whom he loathed,
eating cheese and crackers on lawn chairs in bright sunlight.
I now imagine this was some kind of gift intended for my brother and I, but never received.
They say all children wish there parents back together, but some cliches are not to be believed.

We watched my mother, hugely conscious of her imaginary generosity, her clear awareness of her victory. She would outlive him.
We watched what seemed to be infinite patience that my father drew on, or was it almost a type of innocence, as he lay on her couch beside my two month old daughter, and closed his eyes.


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14 Responses to A Libra Moon, Uranus and Pluto Story

  1. Janet says:

    lovely; always beautifully but not ‘prettily’ written which i respect and feel more comfortable with – and with the best images. something, or often everything, speaks to me in your astro-prose-poetry-journal, of the times, mine, yours, whatever is going on just beyond. I want to say that it comes across shamanically but that is too too an overused word and so will just puff it up into the clouds as a thought not to be dwelt on! thanks…

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Janet,

      What a kind note. Thank you so so much for writing, I really appreciate it. <3 xox

      • Janet says:

        of course I in turn, i’m sure you can tell, appreciate your posts. I don’t know how you press the buttons on the astro-zeitgeist so well, visually and word-wise, but you do for me especially this year – I have a feeling the fingers of the fires will reach into Feb/March next year, at least for me personally – and I look forward to your deep light illuminating underworldly insights whenever they ‘present’ (and they are gifts) and for many thunderstorms, those thrilling matters of the gods, to come :-)x

        • o_lightning says:

          Such sweetness! Thank You!!! <3
          Is it all right if I quote some of this for ~ the things you Say~ page?
          No worries, if not. Thanks again, what a pleasure to read! xox

          • Janet says:

            But of course! (even though have to admit to complete ignorance of page mentioned – time to have a geek I think).

            You gift freely – I gift in a different way back. Every time I read one of your posting insights (and there are many within each), and see how the visuals pair so brilliantly – how do you find them?! little fizz-bombs of (de)light go off in me – I try to give praise where due and am only being honest in wanting to pass that on as feel we all need to know when we are doing good – in all senses of the meaning – work, inspired work, that inspires others.

            I have been touched by astrology, a map that has grown immeasurably in my life, since seven years old (this lifetime of course) after coming across a tiny shop selling ‘star sign’ information on a hill called The Devil’s Dyke (that good old bad old Light-bearer)..but rarely have I read anything that gets close to how it relates to me, me-in-the-world, and to the world/the universal in such a striking and original/Uranian way (spot on with your name there too), BUT with something akin to the magic dark gungy action of the compost heap, wherein the worm is midden-world-king and helps earthly life grow wings – so always more than a pungent whiff of Scorpio/Pluto – as your pages do, and with such balanced loving wisdom. Thank you.

            Please keep on keeping on! x

          • o_lightning says:

            Gosh ::::fans face::: Head swells!::: Thanks Janet! Astrology sure is beautiful! So cool it found you at an early age. : )

  2. Astrocat says:

    Hey Omie! Thanks for this one! You Rock!

  3. Charlotte says:

    That was really beautiful. I can’t really translate anything I want to say other than offering love & light. Do you have a book?

    Sidenote, Uranus is exactly square my mercury in cancer with Saturn moving through my pluto 3rd. I’m losing my words but I really get whatever you say. So long as the feeling is there, it translates.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,

      Thanks for writing! A book is an interesting idea… what kind of a book would you like to read?
      Uranus Square your Mercury could give you a genius idea for the future, which Saturn helps you enact… much love, xox

      • Charlotte says:

        I’ve been thinking about it and I would love it if you had a book of short written stories and photography stories. You’re so great at curating photos! If you made an ebook you could embed your own music as a soundtrack for each story! I’m seeing something as a collective sensory experience.

        • o_lightning says:

          Thanks Charlotte! What a great idea. You have got me thinking… I’ll let you know if something is in the works! xoxo

  4. julie says:

    Mmm. Anthony and the Johnsons ‘Hope there’s someone to take care of me’. Agree with Janet, above. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loNU4fVpO8E

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