A Few Words About Jupiter in Pisces and Our Saturn Retrograde:


Jupiter is already in Pisces, can you feel it? How did you cope with that first wave of emotion?

2021 and 2022 will see Jupiter in Pisces come and go 3 times. For each pass we are tasked with opening ourselves, opening ourselves to the best possible outcomes.

The times when Jupiter moves back to Aquarius, that’s when we work on the structure, The how of it, the fairness, the vision, a break from the past, an actual method for our growth.

While in Pisces, Jupiter works with connections, while in Aquarius he works with separations.

We alternate modalities to be able to bring our heart with us. We need soul and sweetness in our vision of the future. We need it to not be sterile or clinical but instead living, mysterious, deep. Let Pisces work on you. It’s why we are here now.

Jupiter in Pisces suggests that magic, a bewildering force, a force that be-wilds you it’s not out of the question… no really.

How wide is the window in your heart for inexplicable emotions? Can some of those blow in?

Where are your permissions located?
Is there a release valve?

Can you open yourself and feel both the sweetness of what is possible, and the endless wounds that have no name?

Can you allow yourself all of your feelings, even the ones you don’t like or don’t want to be seen to have, even by yourself?

Compassion, acceptance, grace, faith, generosity: don’t just ask, offer.

On the last podcast, I spoke about a nonlinear journey, we are on it. We are in it.

It is us.

It’s worth noting too, that Jupiter’s time in Pisces is brief:

May 13, 2021, to July 28, 2021,
December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022,
October 28 to December 20, 2022.
That’s it!


Saturn goes back May 22 at 13 degrees Aquarius, establishing that our debts, or obligations remain. We may not settle them now. Oddly even as Saturn retrogrades, he somehow gives a nod to the future, to balance and love, to the hope that it may be possible to find enough peace, understanding, justice: whatever you need.

Saturn implies that there will be solutions, that it’s worth your work, and your time, tho even as you do it, now through October 10th, the hold of your problem doesn’t fully release. You chip at it, That’s alright.


Some tension may abate, but the deeper solutions do not fully progress now… we still have repairs to make. It will be October 10th when the hands of time really start to mark out these changes for good and all. When that time comes, we will pick up our packs and begin to gain territory, put the stone on the grave, or fully feel that hammer come down.

Until then we re-cover, re-make, refine, redesign our commitments taking a journey back to whatever concerns Saturn marked out in the middle of January at 6 degrees.

PLUS, whatever reveals itself on May 22, take note. We will come back to this.

A clean break? I don’t think so.

And yet, we are not NOW where we were! Not at all.

Jupiter and Saturn, the Gods who demarcate the expansion and contraction of our lives have some complicated dance steps for us.

Think of these months as a time where we make sure nothing is left out of our vision.

We must include deep compassion in our methodology, we must go slow enough to build a alliances that last. Don’t think about protection, think rather about building strength.

All summer peculiar elements are added to the mixture. And this mix is a rich potion, and we will all be more wealthy when and where we are all able to swallow. It’s medicine. Drink up.

Love YOU!!!




*Hayao Miyazaki

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