What a weekend!

Mine was alright, but all around me I watched

rejection, subterfuge, and AWKWARD

It was possible to make the best of it, and it sounds like many peeps did…

fun though….?

Well… coulda been worse.

There was some support if you looked for it.


What Now?


We are going to mix this

with that.

Things EVOLVE. Forces beyond your control.

John Lee: This land is no one’s land. What could be more true?

Let go of the outcome and work from your heart.

Here is what is going on:

Mars and Saturn (cruelty, determination, commitment, forceful action)

Come together and join in Libra

(Relationship, Beauty, Rules and playing nice),


Uranus (surprise, liberation, detachment)

in Aries ( beginnings anger, selfishness, raw power),


Pluto (POWER, death and rebirth) in Capricorn (structure, the establishment, fear)

Todo el Mundo gangs up in hard aspect (ass whomping)

on Venus (love, values, money)

in Cancer (mamas children, dreamers, family, your core self).

The consequences are deep and far reaching.

Changing your Values?

Changing your Love?

Changing your Family?

Getting hit over the head with a mallet?

Betrayals and Sudden Drama?

If you want to heal,

to mend your life, to come back together with those you love,

This is a time bonds can be made as well as broken.

Sudden (Uranus) Commitment (Saturn) to Love (Venus) or Family (Cancer)

Yes. The good news is as REAL and POSSIBLE as the as the bad.

These aspects are in Cardinal signs.

That means for the most part it’s not an intellectual exercise.

Things happen. They change.

You change them.

They change you.

If you have planets in Cardinal signs you will feel this.

If not, you will feel everyone around you who does.

buff up your shell Crabs,

remember, reaction differs from action.

Water is your element; let go of controlling outcomes

and flow into whatever space there is.

The story is not all written yet.

What else?

New Moon in LEO!


Thank goodness!

New beginnings, and chance to grow in directions you choose.

A nice break after this forced evolution of the Cardinal T-Square.

More about the Moon soon…..

Love YOU!!

True or not…. Ima Dance to this one…

True, I think.



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  1. Elouise says:

    You rock, totally, Sistah! Yeah, I’m ascairt but it’s kinda exctin’ too.

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