if you want to know who made this cake, she’s right here

Moon’s in Taurus Sun’s in LEO,

That means eating and showing off!


Do enjoy physical pleasures though!

Your alive!

How stupid is that?! Does it make you smile!?

Makes me so happy!

Can we all be gorgeous, well fed, rich and popular?

how about just for today? alright?

Jupiter is still in Gemini right across from the north node in Sag.

making connections to friends while broadening our scope of vision will bring good results.

In fact using our connections to broaden our scope of vision,

to travel to learn… etc….

that’s the way to go!

Quick someone give Venus in Cancer a muffin !

I really like Flavia Coelho, just heard her for the first time a few days ago

the name of this album Bossa Muffin!

What?! Awesome!

Dance with me!

Don’t forget, Mercury is in Leo moving bravely ahead…

Say what you want to say…



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