Monday and Tuesday might not have the funnest astro ever.

First we have the Moon in Aries,

hitting Uranus, and Squaring Pluto,

then on Tuesday the Aries Moon Opposes Saturn and Mars,

Saturn and Mars are beginning to make their very strong presence known,

as a statement of will, intention and determination in Libra (relationships).

In these moments, Libra is the Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove.

Sorry Libra; it’s not always pretty.

What does Mars and Saturn in Libra want right now anyway?

There is a certain amount of cross-dressing going on astrologically at the moment…

Can we have

Closure? Definition?

dare I say balance?

Could we overcome overwhelming odds?

Does Mars and Saturn want to proceed and commit to whatever Libra has decided
is best for everyone, rather than having to work it out with the Moon…?

And the Moon in Aries, what does she say?

I’m pretty sure that’s what she says.

She’s good at “You can’t make me!”

and “You’re not my mommy!” too.


Meanwhile that same Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Cap. simply butchers anything unrealistic,

and might well enjoy power tripping the Moon in Aries to death,

(what up pants free girls long before ladygaga?!)

In this Pluto pits destruction against innovation


Easily unleashes just endless unreasonable fear!

Do we all have so so very much to be afraid of?
Do we really?

I mean for f*cks sake TS Eliot, eat the peach!

Defiance, (a la Aries) can also be another form for fear to take.

Do you really think someone is capable or desirous of taking over your life?

Are you that afraid of compromise?

What is it you think they will do to you, if you listen to what they are saying?

Do you actually need to kick them until they are bleeding from every orifice
to ensure your own liberties?

You do?

Oh, just checking.

Aries Moon/conjunct Uranus just wants a New way forward,

It wants to GET ON with it!

One way to look at the scene, is Aries the god of war trying to make a sandwich.

He’s hella cranky and can’t move all that well, with all that armour on,
so he says f*ck it (Uranus) I don’t need one!

But then, he is even less functional and more hungry than ever,

So he orders his soldier,
Mars in Libra to make one,

Mars in Libra, is at a seminar with Saturn in Libra, and they are deciding exactly what unalterable rules relationships ought to be run by,
and according to those rules, who gets the boot, and who can stay,

they do this mainly by endlessly weighing options… and then deciding to do whatever is fair or er… what they want… or er what is fair… or what you want, or no what they need, no what is fair… WHAT IS FAIR???

Mars is pass/agg and Saturn is rigid,
…so they are not exactly in a good mood,

and thus when Moon in Aries, asks Mars the soldier for a sandwich, Mars says,
hold on, I’m busy right now, but do you want it on whole wheat or white or a roll?
Do you want lettuce or arugula? Do you like hot peppers?

…..Someone is going to get the shit kicked out of them!

Hmmm… I keep ending this scenario in bloody violence!

Today and tomorrow…


See if you can do better.

oh relationships!

her face says so much...

Love YOU!


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  1. arriettyclock says:

    love YOU!! Frickin’ awesome, very concise, imaginative and funny analysis as always.

    and p.s., I love yer face. You are ridiculously adorable, O! Keep on keeping on. xx

  2. Laurie says:

    so true. btw, thanks again for the chart consult. you are so on target! wish things would let up.

  3. o_lightning says:

    Thanks arriettyclock and Laurie!

    It’s quite a time! The chance to be the hero in our own stories….

    I’ll make more videos soon! xoxox

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