What’s UP???

So much!


Howz about Mercury for starters, slowing down, entering the “storm” phase
and getting ready to do direct on Tuesday/Wednesday!
right in the middle of all that harsh astro I wrote about yesterday..

Still, I’ll take it

So ready for Mercury to move!

Mercury has been retro in LEO since July 14th

What have you been considering since then?

Esp. you Leos and Aquas,

but for everyone,

What art projects,

romances, ego trips, self-development

and hair statements have you been making, debating or trying to make?

Confusion should clear by the weekend…

Forward March, or since we have LEO, rather,

Let’s DANCE!

or, you know,

On the same day,

Venus gets out of our heads

(gemini) and moves over to our tummies (cancer)

Venus in Cancer is rather more emotional than Venus in Gem.

It’s the cuddling kittens, not the bees flying from flower to flower.

So Venus scoots over and as it does so, it falls into a super change up

power trip known as a Cardinal T-Square

What we see by the week of the 12th,

is Venus opposite Pluto and Square Uranus.

Disconnects and Reconnects involving:



close friends

lines being drawn or redrawn

With Mars and Saturn coming together in Libra,

there is some finality here, some get it together and be real and true,
because what you do now will last.

Come correct and from the heart.

It’s 28 years before Saturn is in Libra again

this is the time to create and commit to balance in our lives

and with those we love.

Cancers with a pulse will see drama/developments in their love/creative lives,

but so should Capricorns, Scorpios, Aquarius, Pisces,

and uh…. anyone with feelings!

or maybe

Venus has been in Gemini since April 2nd, that’s a pretty good run for Gems,
who got something of a life re-boot out of the deal,
with the transit of Venus/Sun once in a life-time magic,
perhaps even if the magic caused you pain,

there was a lesson there about what it means to actually care.

…and it’s really not so bad for Gemini to have Venus move into Cancer,

It’s Gem’s 2nd house, and there should be $ to follow.

double p.s

New Moon in LEO in the 17th

I like this Moon, it picks up and develops so many of the threads we have been talking about!

Love YOU!!!


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